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Phenolic Foam

3.  Phenolic foam board features


1. High flame-retardant, low smoke. Oxygen inde up to 56%, smoke density of less than 5. 1200 do not burn, only carbon-free drip under fire.

2. Good insulation, low thermal conductivity. Phenolic foam consists of "closed little bubble" , good resistance to the phenomenon of thermal convection. Its thermal conductivity is 0.02 ~ 0.03w/mk, which can achieve energy savings.

3. Durability and stability, high heat resistance. Phenolic foam insulation temperature of -60 ~ 150 , stable dimension, non-absorbent, anti-aging, long longevity

4. CFC-free foam, non-toxic and tasteless, is green building material. Foaming process does not use CFCs, the ratio is reasonable,

 Complete reaction, no residual toxic compounds formed, without any smell, acid and alkali, alkaline good for acid resistance.


4. Phenolic foam board usage: 

(1)     For the construction walls, roof insulation, the insulation layer composite insulation board. 

(2)  Used to build traditional EPS / XPS / PU exterior wall insulation of Fire Barrier.  

(3)  Used in curtain wall of fire insulation materials, fire door insulation, and low or high temperatures of fire insulation materials.

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