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Phenolic Foam



1. Phenolic foam board introduction:


Phenolic foam is considered as “King of Insulation materials”, which is widely used in the missile androcket head in previous time. Recently, due to the strict requirements of heat stability and flammability to synthetic foam used in high buildings, transportation, ships, aviation, space technology and so on, enables phenolic foam a very fast development.
It has many excellent performances, first is the heat stability-- Eventually curing phenolic foam has a number of phenol rings, and connected by Methylene Bridge, the methylene bridge is the least affected by temperature, one of the most stable connections among organic connections according to thermodynamics, which enables phenolic foam the excellent heat stability. It can be used under temperature of 150℃ for long time. Instantaneous temperature can reach 200-300. High temperature performance is obviously superior to other types of foam.

Difficult to burn.—The Oxygen Index of phenolic foam is 50, do not need to add any flame-retardant additives, flame retardant grade level: B1. The oxygen index of high density phenolic foam (added Inorganic filler) can reach 70, flame retardant grade level can reach A2(German DIN4102 building materials standard)

Flame penetration resistance-Phenolic foam directly under the flame, No drip, no curling, no melting phenomenon, phenolic foam keeps original after flame, just the surface forms to a layer of "graphite foam."
Low toxicity and low smoke--Phenolic molecules has only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms, can only generate these 3 products, except CO, there is no other toxic gas.

Phenolic foam is considered as the most promising insulation material in the construction field in international. Because this new material isessentially difference with other   polymer resin materials by adding flame retardants, it do not burn in the fire, do not melt, it will not emit toxic fumes, and has a light, non-toxic, non-corrosion, insulation, energy saving, noise resistace, low cost, etc., and no need of freon, no pollution, good processability, easy construction, and any of other product can’t compete its overall performance

It is widely used in hotels, apartments, hospitals and high building insulation central air conditioning system. Used in refrigeration, cold storage and industrial pipe and equipment insulation of petrochemical and so on, building walls, exterior composite panels, ceiling, and sound-absorbing panels.


2.  Phenolic foam board index:



Inspect item




Apparent density         Not less than




Compression strength       Not less than




Thermal conductivity      Not more than

 w / (m.·k)


Dimensional stability        Not more than




Water vapor permeability    Not more than

 ng/ (Pa·m·s)



Water absorption (volume fraction)   Not more than




Fused 1)

Bending fracture load  Not less than




Bending     Not less than



Burn performance ²)

Oxygen Index     Not less than



Burning classification

 Compound A grade

1Breaking or bending load , any is qualified can meet requirements


2Common type phenolic foam sheet is not required.


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